What Are Nicotine Pouches?


Nicotine pouches are small fabric pouches containing nicotine that are increasingly being chosen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars. Nowadays even smokers of shisha, hookah (also known as water pipe) and e-cigarettes have started using these popular pouches to satisfy their nicotine cravings without the production of smoke or vapour, making them perfect for work, air travel, time with the kids or any other circumstance in which smoking or vaping is not possible.

Nicotine bags, nicotine pouches, nicopods, chew, chew bags and all white are different names that refer to this type of product. These pouches are also often referred to as snus.

The product is originally from Sweden and is a derivative of the Swedish "snus", although improved and more importantly, there is no tobacco in nicotine pouches! 

The most frequently cited reason for using nicotine pouches is the non-combustible consumption of nicotine. You no longer have the harmful and often carcinogenic substances that are released during combustion. In addition, you are no longer a nuisance to others or need to feel embarrassed by the odours created by smoking cigarettes.

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Due to recent increases in importation, warehousing, fulfillment and product costs, we have had no choice but to increase our prices. We will however be offering a discount of $1 per tin when you purchase a sleeve of 10 tins of a single product.

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